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Driving lessons Bideford Barnstaple areas

Driving lessons Bideford, Barnstaple and surrounding areas prices are listed below and are the same price every day, so no extra cost for weekends or bank holidays. Every lesson is designed to meet your individual requirements also pick up and drop off points can be arranged to fit around you. Driving lessons Bideford, Barnstaple can be booked seven days a week. You can find details on the contact page.


driving lessons bidefordDRIVING LESSON PRICES

Free lesson handouts included


1hr                £25.00

1.5hrs           £37.00

2hrs              £46.00

Motorway     £ POA  

driving lessons bidefordPASS PLUS COURSE

                                        Normal price £ 180.00

                                               Right Turn pupil price £150.00


driving lessons barnstapleBLOCK BOOKING

10hrs                £240.00

  driving lessons barnstapleTEST DAY

Test day prices include car hire and insurance for the practical test but do not include DVSA fees for the practical test.

  Test including pre-test lesson             £50.00



Driving lessons Bideford Barnstaple and surrounding areas











Driving lessons Bideford Barnstaple and surrounding areas